Ask Lucretia
  Gothic Fortune Cookie

—Affordable Hotels
  Hotel 17
  Gershwin Hotel
  Larchmont Hotel
  Washington Square Hotel

—Interesting Hotels
  Chelsea Hotel

Eating Out
—All-Night Eateries
  Cafe 7a
  Sidewalk Cafe
  Yaffa Cafe

  Sexual Orientation
  Sex Industry

Getting Drunk

  Bloody Brains
  Red Death
  Red Devil

  Ace Bar
  Art Bar
  Beauty Bar
  Bell Caffe
  Big Bar
  Blue and Gold
  Cloister Café
  Ear Inn
  The "Eerie Pubs"
  Global 33
  Holiday Cocktail...
  Izzy Bar
  Mars Bar
  McSorley's Ale House
  One if By Land...
  Phebe's Place
  Sazerac House
  Temple Bar
  White Horse

Making Mischief
  Cement Cuddlers

Playing Tourist

  Brooklyn Museum...
  Guggenheim Museum
  Guggenheim Soho
  The "MET"
  Natural History
  Museum of Modern Art
  Pierpont Morgan
  Skyscraper Museum
  SS Seaport Museum
  Tenement Museum
  Transit Museum

  Central Park
  Tompkins Square
  Union Square
  Washington Square

Making Stuff
  Dandelion Wine

Playing Games
  Board Games
  Live Action
  Party Games
  Role-Playing Games

—Key Authors
  Umberto Eco

Watching Movies
  Silent Gothic