November 17th

Last night Desiree sent the revised entry on Ophelia Unbound, and the writing turned out to be quite excellent. I'm hoping we get more people dropping by and adding entries. It will benefit this project to have the widest diversity of quality contributions from the various scenes we touch upon.

After more than a bit of exhaustion resolved by sleep, I finally added the Bound NYC e-flyer this afternoon after I'd secured approval from its promoter.

I am very proud and encouraged by the fact that we are recieving support from virtually every Gothic Industrial club event in the city, putting issues of competiton and interpersonal grumblings aside. We now have active e-flyers for Albion, Click + Drag, Exedor, Remission, The Realm, Fang Club, Bound, and Contempt. Perhaps soon we'll have e-flyers for the remaining few.

On a personal level, I am gearing up for the upcoming two Travesties on November 20th and 27th, and the Batcave Reunion (which the Travesty team is strongly supporting) on the 25th. In fact I designed the flyers (which I'm quite satisfied with for a change— I'm perfectionistic with such things.)

Creating an e-flyer for Travesty is superfluous at this point; at the next occurance will have absolutely no cover. We are encouraging people to turn up early, because Acme Underground is likely to fill up quickly; requiring us to wait until some people leave before we admit others. Lots of people seem to be excited about the new location for Travesty.

Beyond this, I've been redesigning a new homepage for myself which will hopefully be done in about a week or two.

Song of the Week:
"Living in an Abandoned Firehouse with You"
by Magnetic Fields.

  You're in your own little world:
  An expensive birdcage:
  Like a plastic baby in a Fabergé egg.
  I saw you today in the Cafe Blasé
  and thought of the nights when we had fire fights.

  Nameless seaside ghost town...
  That's where I go when I see the moon.
  Living in an abandoned firehouse with you.

  You're in your own little head
  in a field of sunflowers
  and there's blood in your mouth
  and there's rats all over town.

  Take me out to the beach
  and I'll tell you my secret name.
  Take me under the sea
  and we'll derail the trains.
  Let's run away into the caves.
  I still love you... baby.
  You're in your own little box
  with ribbons in your hair
  and there's dust in your mouth
  and worms in your hair.
  Hideous city of unknown words...
  That's where I live when I go to sleep
  in an abandoned firehouse with you.

Commentary by Clifford Hartleigh Low, Tuesday, November 10, 1998.