June 10th

We've added automatically alternating graphics for day and night on the Java Channel.

We've renamed the Calendar section into Shows, renamed Activities into More, renamed Merchants into Shops, and Events into Clubs. Though these sections do contain more than just these things, this allows people to locate them much faster.

The Shows database has been accelerated significantly.

The overall layout of the menus on the website have been redone as a set of nested frames. This enambles a live update of the people in the chatroom at once (which acts as a URL which one can click on), and makes the six major sections of the website navigable regardless of what part of the menu directory one has scrolled to.

Plans for the 4th Anniversary Party of NYCgoth-L are under way.

A section providing visitor information is under contruction as a subcategory of the INTRO section. Currently two maps of Manhattan are up, and more are to follow.

Song of the Week:
by Severed Heads.

Down in the fields the bodies are lying in spirals
Hanging from trees, they're clicking their heels to (Twister!)
Down in the towns the water is brown with my taste
Nutrasweet and nuclear waste

Yippee yi yay kiyay kiyay!
Disease is touring the U.S.A.
and stopping at Denny's along the way
Texas nachos and bubonic plague.

Down in the streets the cars are spinning in spirals
Not surprising-- there's no one driving
East to West, the world is blessed with my fame
A growing pain that's hard to explain-- CHORUS

Back at home the cold is growing, back at home
(When I wanna hold you all I gotta do...)

Commentary by Clifford Hartleigh Low, Thursday, June 10, 1999.