Strange Cargo

117 East 7th Street
NYC, NY, 10009
(212) 260-6495

Strange Cargo has been around for about a year now, and is an exceedingly cool shop that sells both records and toys.

The record selection is nicely done, with a gothic and industrial section that puts most stores that have been around much longer to shame. The sections, while not huge, are diverse and most releases by the bands are included. The prices of the records are better than average, and the store sometimes has good sales on the vinyl as well.

The toy selection in the store is eclectic, spanning from vintage to current shipping Spawn toys and Star Wars. Metal lunchboxes are on display alongside comic and sci fi related cups and glasses. Loose vintage Star Wars figures stand proud above carded current ones. In the display case, Spawn faces Nightmare Before Christmas toys and pencils. The toy selection is interesting, and varied, though the prices can be high, since the secondary market for toys is through the roof right now. Nonetheless, Strange Cargo is a much more reasonably priced alternative to Love Saves the Day. And the record selection doesn't hurt, either.

Strange Cargo is one of those shops that epitomises the East Village in one nice little package.

Commentary by Joan Rachel Dennis, Monday, January 12, 1998.