Patricia Field

10 W. 8th Street, NYC
(212) 254-1699
Sun-Wed 12-8:00PM
Thurs-Sat 12-9:00PM

External shot

Patricia Field, in it's heyday, was the ultimate in rave and drag queen gear. This reputation still somewhat stands, though the store has more items suited to the gothic and industrial crowd than ever before.

Inside, mixed in with the power blue sequined dresses, are some beautiful corsets, at fairly low prices. The size and selection is small, but if you find one that fits you, feel free to do a little happy dance. They won't mind. Vinyl pants and skirts hang next to feathered boas and sequined dresses. Slinky black gowns are right next to fishnets and garter belts. The shoe department usually has an adorable boy trying on his first pair of high heels. Variety is the spice of life, and that's certainly not anything Pat Field's is lacking.

The makeup counter is full of exquisite cosmetics ranging from the blackest black eye shadow to light green body glitter. Lipsticks in every colour are available, as are nail polish to match. The person working the department knows what (s)he is talking about, and is often available for advice.

The upstairs section of the store has more raver-cutey goods, such as plastic backpacks, hello kitty items, and brightly coloured clothing. It also sports a salon, which is reputed to be one of the best places to get a professional unnatural hair dye job.

Pat Field's is a circus of goods, and one of the obligatory stops in a NYC shopping outing. You never know what lurks beyond those doors.

Commentary by Joan Rachel Dennis, Friday, January 2, 1998.