18 W 8th st.
NYC, NY, 10011
(212) 533-3963

This store is a wonderful amalgamation of the $10 store and the classic store that sells Indian clothing and jewelry. This large, two floor store is located in the heart of 8th street, alongside the trendy shops selling South Park T-shirts and huge skeleton hand belt buckles. It is absolutely a hit and miss shopping experience, but when they're "on", bargains can really be found.

Every shopping experience in this store is different. Sometimes the upstairs (full priced) merchandise includes velvet cloaks and sheer tops, as well as black flowing dresses, alongside natural coloured pants and spangled tops. It varies, and for that reason alone, time permitting, monthly visits to the shop are a good idea. The jewelry mainly consists of low priced traditional Indian styled pieces, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and beads. The quality is decent, and you'll get more than the low price tag would imply.

The basement is where the "everything $10" merchandise is kept. Sometimes, the bright yellow skirts are all that is left. Other times, lovely lace-up black on black embroidered tops are on many racks, next to ruffled shirts and long, flowing black skirts. Again, frequent checking, and a discriminating eye are the key to shopping at this store. While Khazana is not a thrift store, use thrifting shopping savvy, and you will probably get along just fine with this store.

Commentary by Joan Rachel Dennis, Saturday, January 10, 1998.

Photo: Rachel / Models: Carol, Varrick