496 Wythe Avenue and 431 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 384-6000
8-5:30 / 8-6:30 Sat / 11-5:30 Sun

Take the JMZ Line to the Marcy Avenue stop in Brooklyn. When you exit the subway stop and descend to street level (it's elevated), you'll be on Marcy Avenue. Walk West, toward the Manhattan skyline and Williamsburg Bridge along Marcy Ave. until you reach Ross Street, where you will make a right. Follow Ross Street until it intersects Wythe. When you see a huge warehouse-type building that dominates the entire block, and a bunch of people carrying blue and white Domsey's bags, you know you've found it.

Forget the deceptively named Andy's Cheepees and Cheap Jack's; Domsey's is CHEAP. Most items are well below $10, from prom and evening dresses, to velvet jackets, to men's suits and winter coats. There is a lot of crap, and dingy, mundane clothing, but with enough excavation and willpower, you'll most likely leave with a few gems. I've never walked away from Domsey's empty-handed, and I've never spent more than $30 at a time there...

The place is HUGE, with the downstairs floor housing tons of military surplus clothing and items from leather buckle-up motorcycle spats (for $5 a pair!!) to infantry helmets and gas masks for you industro-volk, and the upstairs "vintage" clothing.

Commentary by Charles Burns VII, Wednesday, January 7, 1998.

Photo: Rachel / Model: Anna Conway