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Forbidden Bargains

New York City, most particularly downtown, is a Mecca for the outré shopper. Countless shops cater specifically to eccentric and peculiar sensibilities, and a sizable proportion of the wares are of interest to Goths and Industrial people.

The informed shopper has no difficulty finding a selection of antique and fetish attire. Tattoo and piercing parlors often seem to be on every block of St. Marks Place. All-night cafes and diners are often conveniently located nearby the many danceclubs. There is even a chain of morbidly-themed restaurants. Needless to say, the number of music shops dealing in alternative music are numerous. Of magic shops there are many; some are fairly specialized as well. There are shops for medieval items, shops for grotesque jewelry, shops for gargoyles, and shops which simply sell bones. Numerous artisans produce all manner of exquisite oddities out of their residences, when they cannot afford the time or rent on an actual store. And of course, there are many hidden treasures and bargains in seemingly mainstream establishments.

This hints at three things about New York City. Firstly; that there are many people of dark inclinations to support these kinds of businesses. Secondly; that a significant proportion of the participants in these subcultures eventually produce wares and provide services which enrich the community, while simultaneously supporting their own lifestyles. Thirdly; that a large portion of the seemingly mainstream masses in fact have an illicit interest in Gothic and Industrial material. It's facts like these which suggest to me that NYC is the capital of the Gothic/Industrial world.

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