Black Jack

36 St Marks Place

Black Jack External

While Black Jack is one of the newer, trendier stores on St Mark's Place, they actually have an awful lot that is of use to the goth and industrial scene. Sure they are just cashing in on the current trend of "all thing dark and spooky", but the items they have readily available are things that used to be "hard to find", making this store worth a visit.

In this clean and neat shop, one will find an extensive selection of sunglasses, makeup (mainly Manic Panic, Punky Colours, and Urban Decay), Jewelry (Alchemy Gothic and Marché Noire are both represented, alongside the more common silver rings), as well as bondage gear galore, clothing, and Sanrio items.

The bondage gear, while not as hardcore as say, Body Worship's, is varied, as well as functional. Velvet, spiked, studded and rhinestoned collars sparkle next to vinyl and more traditional leather shackles, and belts. The quality is not quite what one would get from a leather craftsman, but they are more than adequate, especially considering the reasonable prices of the items.

The clothing selection is absolutely gothic/industrial, and takes up the back half of the store. Flowing dress hang next to PVC Vinyl skirts and bustiers. Fishnet and spiderweb lace dresses, tops and skirts abound. While the quality appears to be fine, be forewarned that a lot of these items can be found for less money at other stores on St Mark's Place, though some of them appear to be exclusive to Black jack (for the time being). The variety is good, though larger sized people will be out of luck.

Commentary by Joan Rachel Dennis, Wednesday, January 14, 1998.

Photo: Rachel / Model: Kerry Smith