Avalon Salon and Day Spa

271 West 4th St. (between 11th and Perry)
(212) 337-1966
Webpage: http://www.citysearch.com/nyc/avalon

For those of us afraid to fry our hair, or just plain lazy and want to pamper ourselves with the perfect purple or the perfect plait, there is the goth-open-and-friendly Avalon located in the West Village. Hell, it's in a gay neighborhood, a couple of goths aren't going to phase anyone.

Kylie, resident goth and the hairdresser to the scene, is available there by request, so DO call ahead and make an appointment. She is an excellent colorist who gives me the perfect emerald teal green and an imaginative stylist. She's done hair for numerous Ophelia Unbound fashion shows; she loves period hairstyles. Prices are moderate, so be prepared to shell out some money, but believe me, it's money well spent and your bathtub won't be covered in Manic Panic for months!

Avalon Salon is a full-service salon, so you can also go there for to get the witchiest, pointest eyebrows waxed or just get a massage after spending X amount of hours sitting in front of the computer. There is a menu available of their prices and services in the moderate range (not for the bargain goth, kids).

Update on 12/14/99: Kylie is currently on hiatus, due to a car accident. She is currently in therapy for her hand (and not working) but Avalon is still a great salon. My favorite colorists there are Jim and Ricky. And Irina does shape and wax pretty fierce and witchy eyebrows!

Commentary by Laura McCutchan, Wednesday, May 19, 1999.