Nightshades / Enchanted Child / Etc.

??? St. Marks
NYC, NY, ???
(212) ???-????

Every orchard has it's amount of rotten fruit, and the East Village magic shops are no exception. The proprietress of three or four storefronts in the pagan/ gothic/ vampyre/ medieval/ fetish vein, Lady Armida (Florence Gorman) provides second rate services, and embellishes them with elevated prices and a poor attitude.

I cannot recommend these shops in good conscience, and must urge avoidance.

The management and employees are reputed to have strong racist leanings, violent criminal records, engage in criminal fraud, and have histories of severe animal abuse; the personal experiences of myself and associates support most of these claims.

Additionally, every owner of garments purchased at these shops that I have spoken to, has claimed that they frayed and began to disintegrate within days after their purchase—refunds and exchanges refused. It is believed that the piercings done on the premises are unsanitary, dangerous, and quite probably illegal.

Commentary by Clifford H. Low, Tuesday, March 7, 2000.

Photo: Risa / Models: Emily St.Germaine and Jill Barone