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38 W. 8th Street
(212) 979-9652

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Andromeda Menu

Andromeda and Cassioppia both are reputable, safe, and sterile parlors for all your piercing needs. In this day and age, where every little shop has a sign that says, "we pierce ears, nose, and body", shops like Andromeda and Cassioppia become more and more essential. Lord knows, a guy on the street does not have the sterile conditioned and trained piercers that these shops do.

Andromeda Interior

Andromeda, the East Village store, is large, and staffed with piercers that are both competent and compassionate. They take the time to find the right jewelry and size, as well as to explain what will be done, and how to care for the piercing afterwards. This is important. Anyone who does not take the time to show someone how to clean a new piercing and what to use for it (alcohol and peroxide do not cut it) is incompetent. Andromeda's staff are people that you see around: they're at clubs, on the street, and friendly. They're the sort of people that are trusted.

Cassioppia Exterior

Cassioppia, the West Village store, is a tad smaller, but equal in every way. The shop is sterile and safe, and the staff is competent and friendly. The owners are often on hand at both shops, ensuring the smooth running of these two stores that have earned their respect and trust in the community.

Both shops offer a wide variety of jewelry, including spikes, studs, surgical steel, gold, niobium and UV light jewelry in all sizes and styles. Without reservation, I recommend using either shop for any and all piercing needs.

Commentary by Joan Rachel Dennis, Friday, January 2, 1998.