Within a frank discussion of sexuality, it would be irresponsible to overlook issues of safety and health. Though the darkside club scene prides itself in all sorts of transgressionary practices, some of the consequences of thoughtlessness are severe. Because most scenesters are, on average, better read than the average person on the street, the incidence of STDs are fairly low, especially considering how sexually active the scene is. Most know how to protect themselves, and most do.

Nevertheless, there are people who throw caution to the wind. There are also people who have just come into the scene because of isolation or youth, and their knowledge of sexuality and safety practices may be below par.

The AIDS-phobia brought into common usage the notion of what was fallaciously called "Safe Sex" by virtue of common perceptions of "risk activities" and "high risk groups" with whom intimacy was presumed to be dangerous. Over time this has given way to more rational ideas about "Safer Sex" and what this could include.

Sexuality is generally not a risk-free activity, just as walking outside on the street or talking on the phone involves a certain amount of risk (from invasion, contamination, violation, etc.). There are risks and there are results which we may evaluate as of greater or lesser value in comparison to those risks. Levels of contact graduated by exposure (where communication of diseases and viruses are the concern) can be protected against in the following manners:

Commentary by Tyagi Mordred Nagasiva, Monday, May 18, 1998.

Photo: Rachel / Model: Anna Conway