A City of Sin

Though New York's flamboyance is mainly a matter of style, we do have a few material advantages over other locations when it comes to cultivating an air of decadence.

Chief among sinful New York City delights is the liquor supply, which is abundant and varied. Unlike many states, New York does not maintain socialist-style controls over liquor stores, so distributors in this shipping hub can and do offer anything and everything that is not outright narcotic, often at surprisingly reasonable prices. Liquor stores are open until ten, and bars until the small hours of the morning.

Another boon is the diversity of people from all corners of the mental and physical world dwelling together here, giving and receiving a daily living lesson in multiculturalism. The result is that New Yorkers are one of the most tolerant groups of people that you will find anywhere. Gotham is well-regarded as a highly gay-friendly city, not to mention an eccentric-friendly city and a piercing-friendly city. New Yorkers are generally highly dedicated to minding their own business.

Commentary by the Convergence 7 Committee, August, 2000.