The NYCgoth-L Rules

It is absolutely critical to know all the rules before participating on NYCgoth-L. The gothlist is hosted on, and as such is subject to all of its rules. In fact, as one of the two first mailing lists on that server, many of the rules were devised with this mailing list in mind. Nevertheless, there are list-specific rules which will be covered first. (The list-specific rules do not actually supercede any of the general ones, but are supplementary.)

NYCgoth-L Rules

  1. Subscribers are expected to post an introduction to the list before interacting with the others. The introduction should be at least three paragraphs in length, and cover the person's background and interests (musical or otherwise.) Though this may seem slightly intrusive, it serves the purpose of breaking the ice and gives a context for the new subscriber's ideas. Sample introductions are available here.

  2. NYCgoth-L has had more than its share of bitter flamewars and bruised egos; to stop this from hindering discussion and socialization, the moderators have instituted a firm but reasonable penalty. Subscribers displaying hostility on the list, or acting in a manner to provoke such in others, are automatically blocked from posting for seven days following the incident.

  3. Subscribers wishing to post concert information, gallery openings, and similar things are encouraged to do it through the Web Calendar, which automatically posts the information on NYCgoth-L while simultaneously archiving it on the web.

The Rules are more extensive than those of most online forums, and tend to be enforced more strictly. This is solely because some problems have come up repeatedly on multiple mailing lists, and this serves to reduce their repetition. The Administration takes the mailing lists hosted here very seriously, and an enormous effort from many persons have been directed towards making the rules as close to perfect as humanly possible Rules

Commentary by Clifford Hartleigh Low, Friday, December 28, 1998.

Photo: Risa / Model: Jill Barone