251 West 30th Street
(212) 695-2747

Downtime is one of the largest venues associated with the Gothic-Industrial scenes in New York. Three stories tall, it is sometimes divided into two or more medium sized events. On the ground floor is the stage and main bar, and the two floors above it have their own DJ stations, bars, and dance space. The top floor has a small lounge area. Whether you are seeking to flail wildly on a dancefloor, or drink cocktails on sofas with strange and exciting people, Downtime has that environment and much more.

Unlike the usual "sticky floor" claustrophobic environments at the average Goth-Industrial club, Downtime is cleaner and has more of an upscale feel. Following the departure of Batcave, the management invested a ton of money to renovate on a very large scale. Because of this, Downtime has a dazzling futuristic appearance which leaves every new visitor somewhat awed. The space seems much larger than before, and much more exciting in both architectural layout and imagery.

Ventilation and mobility can be a problem when big events, especially on holidays, are hosted there. This shouldn't discourage people from attending, but one should be aware that bringing bulky or fragile garments might be poor choices for a keynote night at Downtime.

Commentary by Clifford Hartleigh Low, Monday, Oct 12, 1998.